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We seem to be working on a lot of kitchen cabinet re-dos these days but we know how to paint the whole house. Est. 1994. If possible, we can refit your existing cabinet doors for "hidden hinges."  There are a lot of videos of the work we do at:

Over the years we have learned to aim for quality and extra step to ensue a long lasing product.

We are looking for smaller interior repainting jobs two to 5 rooms.


Schedule an Estimate, Inquiries, Etc.

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Take some photos of what you want to be painted with questions, etc. The scissors tool is helpful. to simply cut and paste :

This is not a link, you have to cut and paste the address into your mail To: space.  This helps to stops spam and does not get shared with an app.  Thanks


We still provide



This is your home we are

working in, so why not?


We cater to your colors, our color advice is free if needed.  We strive to work with you to help match our projects to new fabrics, countertops, tile, etc. which you may be changing. 

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