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Cabinet Solutions and Rescue are a big part of our service

We offer stain restoration, color changes, and very durable painted finishes simlar to and better than what you might find in new cabinetry.

YouYou can save a lot of money when you refinish your existing cabinets. These thin oak doors were strong and the casings were very sturdy. Add some granite and tile, change the color of the island, and you have a do-able affordable renewal of an old kitchen for less.raph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.?

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This is especially truly a must in the cabinet world. It must be smooth enough to rival a factory finish. It should be free from drips and runs and have a look that would make a designer or a realtor happy.

This, we can do.


The service became formally open in 1994 in TN, prior to that it was part-time. That is a long time and it helps assure that we will be there for you.

Five Year Limited Warranty on Cabinets
If we Clear Coat and do all the prep. It means we will fix it if we did something wrong. Old customers are free to contact us anytime. You should not experience yellowing, early wear, peeling, etc.  The finish is very scratch resistant, similar to new cabinets. It is refreshable for life using common paint tools. (note we rarely use oil paint because it will amber over time, the clear coat  over waterbased is safer and very durable.)